Date: 24/03/2019
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Did you know that the new site is built with our Church111 system?

Everything you see while browsing is a feature that you can easily add to your own church website! Whether it is a plain text page (Features), a customized contact form (Contact Us), a gallery of images (Examples), an online check-out (Signup) or even a blog (like the one you're reading right now), you can include it with Church111.

Our custom images and slideshow add flair to the home page. You can do the same! Upload any images to your own church site. Add a slideshow. Arrange the page content however you like. Add links, embed Twitter or Facebook widgets... do just about anything you've seen online.

With a custom template, you can easily customize your page layout, too. See all of those additional links at the bottom of Your church site can do that. Add multiple designs. Each page can have a unique look.

Indeed, within Church111 you'll be able to re-create just about everything but the artwork (and if you have a talented graphic artist in your congregation, you can do that too!) Or you can have our professional designers whip you up something special!

Contact us to learn more about how to add's features to your own church website!