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Tuesday, 21 May 2013
A guide to spam filtering for Church111

Church111 service includes 10 free email accounts (with more available at reasonable rates).

Included with these email accounts is free SPAM FILTERING through our Spam111 system. To make the most of your spam filtering, it is important to know how to access your spam filter and what you can do once you get there. Here are the basics:

Log into your spam filtering at <>

You'll need to use your POSTMASTER login information. That means the username is "" and the password is the same password you use to log in to create mailboxes in Mail Management.

Once you're logged in, you have several different pages to look through. Links up near the top take you to each area:

"Quarantine" is a list of all the captured spam messages. If a message was caught accidentally, you can flag it as OK here. The message will then be delivered to its intended recipient.

"Global Settings" lets you tune how strict the filter is. A lower spam # score is a stricter filter. Email messages that are clearly spam will not be quarantined and will instead be deleted outright. You can change the score values to quarantine more or less.

"Users" lets you set up custom filter settings for a single user. Once set up, an individual user can log in at with their email address and personal password to just edit their own spam filtering and check a personal quarantine list.

"White/Blacklist" lets you always allow certain addresses through or always block certain addresses

"Usage" is just stats. Take a look if you're interested in how much spam you're getting.

"Help" is a very useful, more thorough, description of all of these options. Make sure to read it!

If you are expecting a message from a particular sender and you don't recieve it in a timely manner, make sure to check your spam filter. There is always a good possibility that the message was flagged as spam. If a certain company or a certain sender are always getting their messages caught in spam, you can whitelist the sending address so the mail always goes through.

Even if you aren't missing any mail, it is a good idea to check your spam filter every week or so.

Need spam filtering for other email accounts not hosted by Church111? Ask us about your Spam111 options.

And as always, if you have any questions about your spam filtering or Church111 in general, just contact customer service.

Posted on 05/21/2013 2:22 PM by Church111