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Your one-on-one 1 hour training

As part of a new Church111 signup, you recieve a 1 hour one-on-one training with one of our Church111 experts.

If you're local to Brentwood, Tennessee, we welcome you to stop by our office for your training in-person. Otherwise, we'll be getting you trained over the phone. Don't worry. Even remotely, we'll be following along with you to make sure you're on the right track.

Once signed up, we encourage new churches to spend some time looking around the Church111 system and setting up some basic pages. That way, when its time for your training, we can spend it by focusing on common trouble areas or places that you have questions. If you have an idea of what your site should say or do, we can help guide you to make it happen.

Forgot about your training or never got around to using it? It doesn't expire so you can still use it. Maybe you're considering redoing the design or adding some pages. Maybe you need a refresher on how to use certain features? Any of these are a great excuse to take your 1 hour training now.

Ready to schedule a training? Call us up at 615-370-1530 and press 1 for customer service. Or email us at