Every Church111 site comes with hosted email and spam and virus filtering for your domain name.

Free Mailboxes

Every Church111 account includes 10 mailboxes at your domain name.

Unlimited Aliases and Forwards

Need more email flexibility? Use aliases to send mail for other addresses at your domain that don't have an actual mailbox to one of your actual mailboxes. Set up a forward to direct mail sent to your Church111 email address to an outside address at some other domain.

111 Secure eMail

Regular email is fast and easy to use, but it is also insecure by design. 111 Secure Mail is an encrypted mail service that is built into all our 111 websites. It allows senders to send and receive secure email and email attachments simply and reliably. Recipients who reply to your secure messages do so with confidence and in total security. Cost is $5/mo per user, but only during months when the service is actually used.

Check Mail Online

Church111 includes an online webmail interface so you can manage your mail from anywhere. Simply navigate to our webmail URL, sign in and you're checking your email!

Free Spam Filtering

Church111 email service includes built-in spam and virus filtering through our excellent Spam111 system. Log in and check your quarantine any time. Update your preferences and add senders to a whitelist or blacklist.

Top-Notch Customer Support

Need help setting up email on your computer? Church111 customer service can help you out! Give us a call, send email or use our live-chat if you have any questions and we'll be happy to assist.

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