The Basics of Search Engine Optimization

Keywords and Keyword Phrases

First you must find the keyword phrases that people are using to look for web sites like yours. You can use a "Keyword Popularity Tool" to show how many searches were done on each keyword phrase the previous month. This may uncover other keyword phrases you may not have considered. Once you have selected a list of 30 or so keywords, you can add them to the built in meta tag field in your web site administration area. The keyword meta-tag should not be more than 225 characters long including spaces. You also shouldn't use the same keyword more than 3 times. Always use a comma and a space to separate keyword phrases.

Meta Tag Description

You also can add a description meta-tag to your web site. This tag is used by some search engines for determining keyword density of a page (how many times a keyword was used on a page). The description meta-tag should not be more than 200 characters long including spaces. Don't use more than three commas in a description tag. Make sure the keywords you use do not sound artificial, or they will have less value.

Image Tags

The Church111 site builder includes the opportunity for you to assign Alt tags to images on your site. Image alt tags provide value to the keyword density on a page. The image alt tag (words that pop up when you place your mouse over a picture) should have 5 to 6 words in it, and it should use the keyword phrases for that page. Make sure the words do not sound artificial, or they will have less value.

Useful Content

Your free web site builder includes lots of room for text, and search engines love relevant text. Try to have between 250 to 500 words of good, relevant content on each page. Search engines are looking for unique and original content that the searcher will be interested in. It should not be the exact same content found on your other pages. Remember that search engines are more interested in helping the searcher than helping your web site, so make your content as appealing as possible with keywords and meaning.

Keyword Links

The text administration tool has an easy way for you to add text links in your pages. Be sure to have keyword links on each page so search engines can find their way to the rest of your site. Keep in mind that you should use the keyword list you created to name the links. For example: "Ministries" would point to the page for "Ministries." These are called "Anchor Text Links" and are given more weight with the search engines.

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