Date: 24/03/2019
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What can we build for you?

Church111 is a powerful tool for building and managing your website. You don't have to handle everything yourself, though. We've already told you how our Church111 designers can create a gorgeous custom look for your church website, but what about the content on each page? Church111's team can assist with any part of your website content too.

We can:

  • Create pages
  • Add text content
  • Upload images
  • Add meta-tags for search engine optimization
  • Set up new features such as the Blog or Members Section
  • ...and just about anything else!

For any work like this that we do for you, our billing rate is $110/hour in 15 minute increments. Our guys are Church111 and web design experts who work very fast. We can easily add ALL the content for an average-sized site in under an hour, no problem.

Have a whole file of images and a document of text that you need to put on one of your pages? Send it to us! We'll resize and upload your images, format and enter your text and make sure it all looks great on the page. All for only about $30 of time.

Want to do it all yourself? Remember we've got How-To Videos to teach you how to add content. Or give customer service a call if you have questions about doing any of these tasks. Customer service calls and support are always free.