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Thursday, 24 January 2013
Why add a Members Section?

The Members Section is a Church111 optional, add-on feature. You've already got a great church website, so why would you want to add a Members Section? Here are a few good reasons:

Add your members

The Members Section provides you a member database to keep track of your members. Include any relevant information about each person and assign them to groups that you create. Add members to your database either by importing a list that you have or allow them to submit their information directly from your website.

Email your members

The Church111 members section gives you access to our Email Center. Quickly and easily send out mass emails to all your members, or just to members of a specific group. Schedule mailings ahead of time or save email templates you make for later. Then track the results of your mailings with tools to show who received, opened or clicked your message.

Share with your members

Your members section also allows you to enable the online Members Area of your website. Here, members with a username and password (that they can pick or one that you set up) can log in to your website. Once logged in, they can view your online members directory or communicate via the available chat, messenger or forums.

Each of these features is potent and useful on its own, but together they make for a great all-inclusive package to keep your church website members interested and in contact.

Want to give it a try? Contact us and we'll give you some time to take a look. If you love it, great! If it turns out not to be what you church needs right now, no problem-- you aren't obligated to keep it. The members section is an extra $10/month.

Posted on 01/24/2013 12:51 PM by Church111