Date: 21/09/2021
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Search engine tips

Search engines use a collection of incredibly complicated logic to determine when and where it should let a page show up in search results. There are some easy steps to give your church website the best chance it can get.

  1. Fill in your HTML meta tags. These are for search engines. You will find boxes for these tags under the main content box while editing your Home Page. The "HTML Title" is the name of your page. The "HTML Description" is what people will read about your page when it shows up in search results. The "HTML Keywords" are what the search engine reads to decide what your site is about.
  2. Add content to your page that reflects your keywords. Write a few paragraphs on each page that are relevant to the keywords you are using for that page. Search engines like it when the page text matches up with the keywords.
  3. Fill in your meta tags for other important pages on your church website as well. Select a page to edit, and scroll down to the expandable menu that says "SEO Settings" (SEO = Search Engine Optimization). Add the "Alternate" title, description and keywords.

There are thousands of SEO tips and tricks, but these will get you started with what you need to get found.