Page Options

Church111 lets you add unlimited pages to your website, so you can present all the content you want. Church111 offers a variety of unique page types to shape and display your content in a clean, professional way.

Standard Page

Church111's standard text and image page type gives you limitless options for design and content. Add all the text you want. Format it just as you would in a word processor. Add images, links or embedded content.

Image Gallery

Create pages dedicated to your images! Customize the presentation of your images, titles and descriptions using one of several different layouts. Use as many gallery pages as you like!

Media Downloads

Upload your audio or video sermons to your website so visitors can listen online! Uploading takes only seconds, and all your files can be labeled and organized online with our built-in audio and video players.

Events Calendar

Share all your event information with visitors through a gorgeous website calendar! Add all the event information you need and post the events to your calendar. The Church111 calendar also supports entry of recurring events. Your visitors can signup for event registration or even for payment with our e-commerce options!

News and FAQs

Present church news content for your site visitors. Each article is written and managed in its own area, and Church111 arranges them by for you on the news page. Easily add, edit, reorder or remove your news stories.

Interactive Forms

Create any kind of online form you need including e-commerce if you choose that option! Use standard text boxes, check boxes, radio buttons or dropdown lists. Make unique forms to match the exact information you want to get from your contacts. Form data is submitted directly to your email and can be stored in a database for later use and export from your administrative area.

RSS Feeds

Add RSS feeds from other external web content to your website! Simply create the RSS page type, enter the feed link and Church111 will fill your page with RSS feed content.

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