Search engine related services

Let 111 Web Studio optimize your site

Even more than other Internet related tasks, Search engines optimization can seem like convoluted weave of small, often non-intuitive steps. That's where the search engine expersts at 111 Web Studio can help.

As outlined in Getting Found on Search Engines, the main search engine optimization page, there is a typical order that a website should be optimized. First, you must establish solid SEO foundation. At a minimum, should include home page optimization as part of this foundation but you really should optimize all the important pages of your website. Afterwards, you build relevant and interesting page content; then you build links, both between your pages and from outside pointing to your website. Then there's the ongoing aspect of the work. Rely on 111 Web Studio can help you get your website seen and keep in there.

Foundational SEO work

In a couple hours we will perform the following tasks on your behalf in order to establish a solid foundation on which all your following SEO and SEM work will be built.

Home page evaluation and optimization

An estimated 65% of search engines' attention is given to your website's home page with the remainder of your site receiving  a split of the remainder. For this reason, we suggest having 111 Web Studio spend a couple more hours specifically optimizing your home page as a necessary follow-up to Foundational SEO work. We'll provide you an estimate, usually between one and four hours, for home page optimization work including:

  • Evaluating your website's general message -- what it currently is and what it possibly ought to be
  • Determing a main keyword (or keyword phrase) and related keywords that, together, build a keyword theme that gives major search engines a clear idea of what the content of your home page contains.
  • Work that main keyword into your page title, META keywords and description.
  • As appropriate and possible*, similarly improving your home page headlines and subheads, text blocks and image alt-tags.

*Note that 111 Web Studio understands the importance of keeping all visible elements professional and on-message, so we're very delicate and communicate any content change suggestions to you prior to their implementation. Furthermore, since human users as well as search engines penalize spamming keywords, we try to keep your text readable and relevant.

Site-wide page-by-page optimization

To say that your website's home page is the most important page on your site doesn't dismiss the fact that every important page in your site should be optimized as well. Using the estimate above, if the home page receives 65% of search engines' attention, that leaves another 45% to address. Typically we limit site-wide optimization to the home page and all follow-up pages -- usually main category pages -- plus any other pages that you and we deem important enough to address.

The time required for this work varies with the number and size of pages involved. Other factors, such as the nature and/or competitiveness of your industry, can affect the difficulty and depth of work.

Ongoing "organic" SEO & Link Building

Ongoing SEO and SEM work is no different that exercising a muscle. If you let is sit, it atrophes. Exercise it for a while then stop, it may become strong but soon it shrinks again. If you sustain exercise, it's strength will also sustain. The same holds true with search engine optimization. Even solid optimization at the beginning will only earn you attention for a limited time. Since search engines are interested in serving up article and pages from industry or subject thought leaders, their interest in your site will fall off quickly -- often after only a couple weeks or months.

On a schedule and for a monthly budget to be determined, 111 Web Studio's SEO experts will regularly perform some or all of the following:

  • Reevaluate your page content
  • Suggest keyword tweaks
  • Suggest content changes, including:
    • Page and/or topic additions
    • Basic rewording and/or improved wording
    • Improve page interlinking
  • Suggest, craft and add posts to your blog and/or blogs of:
    • Industry publications, experts and organizations
    • Non-competing businesses
  • Suggest, craft and add linked posts on your social media outlets
  • Build social media followers, friends, etc.
  • Resubmissions to major search engines and submissions to increasingly smaller and/or niche search directories, as appropriate
  • Craft and distribution of press releases to targeted news outlets
  • Etc., etc., etc.**

**There's really no end to the amount or types of link building possible. Certainly there are too many to list here. Your success is more a function of time spent at it and your creativity. Often the best plans evolve over time with continuing close communication between and the SEO experts at 111 Web Studio SEO.